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Get Mobile Again

through Active Rehabilitation Surrey with a Kinesiologist

Are you recovering from a recent sports, work or motor vehicle accident injury? Call our Scott Road location to book your initial assessment session with our registered kinesiologist in Surrey.The therapists of Arrow Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy Clinic help our clients achieve natural movement and pain relief with active rehabilitation—a gradually progressive exercise program involving strength, flexibility, endurance and cardiovascular exercises. As you improve your strength and ability to perform everyday activities, we progressively add exercises that simulate your work activities with the goal of returning to your employment.

Active Rehabilitation Surrey programs include:

  • A fully-equipped gym area for active rehab
  • Registered kinesiologist
  • One-on-one exercise sessions
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Assessments, Reports & Your Treatment Plan

To begin, our registered kinesiologist performs an initial physical assessment and a functional abilities assessment. Based on the assessment findings, we decide the frequency of your treatment sessions, and an individualized program will be designed to help you return to your pre-injury status.

Your program will be tailored based on your injury, job requirements and daily activities. This proposed rehab program and assessment report will be forwarded to your case manager—if you have one—for approval. At the end of your program, we forward a summary to the case manager as well.

Your physician also receives a copy of your assessment and treatment plan.

Your Active Rehabilitation Sessions

During each one-hour long session, you follow a program specifically designed to ensure your safe and speedy recovery. The program will consist of a supervised one-on-one exercise session with a kinesiologist, which addresses the problems identified by the initial assessment.

We focus on postural training, core exercises, stretching, strengthening and movement retraining. If appropriate to your employment activities, your training includes a work simulation exercise program.


Our experts are well informed about each of our physical restraint and power because we offer a clear and resilient consultation therapy. That way we go through your key strengths. If there is a physical issue that you are suffering from, we will make sure that we devise an exercise regime that is not going to push you to an uncomfortable zone. Only if you are comfortable or are in the shape to carry out the devised therapy routine, will you be given enough assistance.

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The Aims of Your Active Rehabilitation Program:
  • To reduce pain
  • To improve flexibility
  • To educate the client in relation to posture and work ergonomics
  • To assist in rehabilitation of patient after injury
  • To restore mobility in the joints
  • To restore normal movement patterns
  • To address issues of muscle imbalance that may underlie the injury
You Can Measure Your Improvement

Each active rehabilitation Surrey service participant receives a journal book to record their exercises and daily progress. In addition, we evaluate your progress with various standardized questionnaires and measurements for improvement, including grip strength and functional capabilities.

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Education for Your Continued Well-Being

Education about safety and correct body mechanics is a key component to your individual program. So you can continue independently after completing your on-site program at Arrow Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy Clinic, we teach you proper exercise techniques and hand over a well-devised home exercise program.

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